Image of a UMW Student using a computerThe images you find here are part of a project led by the UMW Centennial Committee on Photographic Resources. The archival quality images with all their relevant metadata can be found at the official UMW Archive. This photo blog regularly features new images from the archive that we have published on Flickr, an online photo sharing service. The images on Flickr and this blog are just a small sampling of images we have digitized, to see more visit the UMW Archive.

We are experimenting with Flickr as a way to share these images with current students, staff, faculty, as well as alumni and any other interested parties that are distributed throughout the globe. In order to comment on these images you most sign-up for an account on Flickr here — don’t worry, it’s free. Your comments will show up on the individual images found in the album page of this blog, but keep in mind that they need to be posted on the photo page in Flickr.

The rationale behind this experiment is that we want to give people the opportunity to provide feedback as well as to share their own experiences at Mary Washington over the years. We are hoping that some of you might have images that you would like to contribute. To do this, create a Flickr account and then join the UMW Centennial Group on Flickr and follow these instructions for sharing your images with us.

Finally, if you have a Flickr account and would like to make UMW Centennial a contact so that you will be notified whenever new images are published, follow these instructions.

We hope you enjoy the images, which are just a small sampling of many more to come.

Happy 100 years Mary Washington!

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